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Poet’s pens soar when they are free but disappear when they are effective.
Daniel Moore’s poem soar long after the ink has dried and the pen lifted.
From feasts in Fes to desserts in the desert, Daniel takes us on a trip of which the best guide happens to be a consummate poet. He is that guide.
-- Hamza Yusuf Hanson

The intelligence of Daniel Moore’s poems is like Frank O’Hara’s: there are no boundaries or limits to possible subject matter. Imagination runs rampant and it glides. Reading them is like standing in a cool snow field on a sunny day. It’s a blanket of glory and a sheer act of beauty. Moore is unique in the variance and perfection of his prosody. Each poem is a new melody. Like the metaphysical poets, Vaughn, Herbert, Crashaw, the shape of the poem is strong, no matter how lovely; it is fused with depth. This is the real thing!
-- Michael McClure

I celebrate Daniel Moore’s unique and constant creative work over the decades. “Visionary” means truly seeing truth unveiled, seeing within & without the inescapable unity of all facets & aspects of the Divine -- & sometimes being able to frame the unsayable in language. It is this poetry that he has been mastering over the years – no mean feat; in fact it is an extraordinary enterprise of inestimable value & inspiration.
-- David Meltzer

Daniel Moore was a legend among poets and the hip cognoscenti of California in the 1960s, so it’s a great pleasure to see just how brightly this flame still burns. The eye and ear have retained every ounce of sharpness. Can a deeply spiritual poet have this much humor? Imagine Mayakovsky, McClure and Frank O’Hara all wrapped in the same soul. That still doesn’t capture just how much fun a book this intense can be.
-- Ron Silliman

He's like an old wisdom tradition come up off the streets.
-- Coleman Barks

Daniel Moore is that rarity among his contemporaries – a surrealist of the sacred – whose poems are shimmering cornucopias of xylophones, gazelles, minarets and herons, spilling forth their abundance, the seen and the Unseen, suffused with spiritual awe and love of God. In these pages we are in the presence of a visionary servant of the divine, a poet of torrential imagination, in whose hands we are all whooshed into the world of spirit.
-- Carolyn Forché

Immersion in Daniel Moore’s cascading imagery leaves you soaked to the soul in spirituality. Whether a brief musing on a falling leaf or a multi-stanza love opus, each of these poems gleams with a combination of intellectual honesty and a sense of cosmic unity. Often his final lines leave you wondering, “How did he do that?”
-- Doug Froggatt

Daniel Moore's latest book is like the hoopoe bird. The poems contained within are lush and loving, like the correspondence that one of the more famous of the hoopoes carried back and forth from King Solomon in Jerusalem to Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, in the Qur’an. I like Moore's poems because, like that particular sacred romance, they have happy cosmic endings -- because he utterly trusts in God, Whose Mercy is greater than His Wrath.
-- Abdallah Schleifer

From beekeepers in the mountains to exotic birds in the desert, Daniel Moore always travels to the essential question of who we are, why we are here, and, where we are going.
-- Shems Friedlander

Daniel Moore’s poetry is the exercise of the divine, an open gate to the wilderness of the eternal. Here with the Blind Beekeeper we live the sainthood of an astonishing imagination. Every word possesses a sacred space, every image confirms the reality of the invisible. If the crystal universe exists, what is it? If it does not, what do the poems of the Blind Beekeeper reveal to us?
-- Munir Akash

Daniel Moore, even though he’s been writing for so many years, has yet to be discovered. He’s writing from such a wide and diverse platform that it may take a truly new and truly global “fifth world” citizen to hear where he’s coming form. He’s taken inspiration from the sixties, forged it with experience and travel from Mecca to Timbuktu and Philly, and in the language of this time has spoken it from the heart.
-- Hakim Archuletta

Many poets would cheerfully swap a body part for Daniel Moore’s ability to write so fluently, and for so long, and so well. To turn on the tap, so to speak, and have words gush forth. He has never stopped seeing the world with a poet's eyes. That is, he is continually amazed and moved by what he sees and reads, and if you happen to agree with Ezra Pound that all genuine poetry has its roots in an emotional response to something or other -- an idea, object, event or image -- then, there you have it.
-- Jim Cory

…Daniel Moore keeps faith for all of us. He’s snared in duality, as we are, but with him the heart is always open. I much admire his generosity of spirit, which does not waver.
-- Michael Hannon

The litany of the beautiful Ramadan Sonnets may seem to be opposed to that of Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, yet its aim may be the same: Liberation.
-- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Anyone who dives into the essence of a religion gets sweetness from it. That’s what I feel in this poetry. Daniel Moore has combined the strong and spontaneous strain of American free verse that flows up through Whitman, Williams and Ginsberg with the deep well of his Islamic devotion. The blending is a unique and very tasty series of fasting poems! He’s definitely located the water table.
-- Coleman Barks



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