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Books and Manuscripts

The following is a selection of books of poetry, published and unpublished, from my life's work of over 50 books of poetry, beginning with Dawn Visions (from 1964) to the present, with poems selected from these books. The books are in chronological order from earliest to most recent. To read a note on poetry, click here.

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Click on manuscripts or book covers to read poems. To read a note on poetry, click here.

Dates of Composition:
1980 (?)


Dawn Visions Cover

Dawn Visions
Published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Books of San Francisco, 1964 (out of print, copies available at www.abebooks.com); written at the age of 22 and 23 in Mexico City and Bolinas, California, Spanish Surrealism and psychedelics-inspired, long abstract oracular lines full of imagistic fluidity (became a kind of manual for people’s “trips”…).

Black Light Cover

This Body of Black Light Gone Through the Diamond
Published by Fred Stone in Boston in 1965 as a very limited edition experimental book using an architectural brown-line machine (the original plates inked on acetate), 24 pages, French sewn (rare). The poems and paintings are interwoven in Blakean fashion, many across the double page, brown and moody and 60s ecstatic.

Burnt Heart Cover

Burnt Heart / Ode to the War Dead
Published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Lights Books of San Francisco, 1971 (out of print, some copies available at www.abebooks.com); an impassioned, pressure-cooked spiritual outrage at the Vietnam War, written after becoming Muslim, with the outer war becoming inner, on the self’s battlefield, where its true solution lies.

The Chronicles of Akhira

The Chronicles of Akhira
Written in the early 80s in Texas, Published in Santa Barbara, Zilzal Press, 1986, with typoglifs by Karl Kempton, Zilzal Press (rare, one available at www.abebooks.com); The word “akhira” in Arabic meaning “the last, the end,” and in Islamic cosmology, the Next World, that extends beyond death. A series of poems imagining life in that realm, in the blessed state, based on prophetic sources, the recognition of God, an imagined diary from one of its residents, etc., with a final appearance of the Prophet, peace be upon him.


Maulood, a poem in praise of The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him
Written in 1984 (Published as Zilzal Press chapbook, 62 pages, 1995); while the traditional Mawlids are sung (my spelling is from remembered Moroccan pronunciation), this is an attempt to find such a praise poem natural to our open field modern American poetic idiom, with some sections in almost singable rhyme.

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